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Physique statistique et biophysique

Andrea De Luca

Andrea De Luca joined the Institute in the fall of 2012 after obtaining his PhD at Sissa. His research activity was focused on the out-of-equilibrium properties of quan- tum systems with many (...)

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Dario Villamaina

Dario Villamaina came to the Institute in the autumn of 2013. He had obtained his PhD in Rome in 2011 and had done a first postdoc at the LPTMS in Paris-Orsay. His research activity is both in (...)

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Charles Fisher

Charles Fisher joined the Institute in November 2014. He had gotten his PhD from Harvard in 2012 and did a first postdoc at Boston University. He works mostly on theoretical ecology. The (...)

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Tridib Sadhu

Tridib Sadhu came to the Institute in February 2015. He got his PhD from the Tata Institute in 2011 and had done postdocs at the Weizmann Institute and at the CEA Saclay. He left in October 2016 (...)

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Takahiro Nemoto

Takahiro Nemoto joined the IPM in November 2016. He obtained his Ph.D. in March 2015 at Kyoto University, Japan, under the supervision of Shin.ichi Sasa. Before coming to the institute, he worked (...)

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Eric DeGiuli

Eric DeGiuli joined the IPM in April 2017. He obtained his Ph.D at the University of British Columbia in 2013 and did a first postdoc split between NYU (2013-2015) and Ecole Polytechnique (...)

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Marko Medenjak

Marko Medenjak joined the institute in 2018. He obtained his PhD at University of Ljubljana in the same year. He was interested in the construction of quasilocal conservation laws and the effect (...)

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