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The scientific field was :"The Theory of Elementary Particles and their Interactions."

The International jury was composed by Prof. Sheldon Lee Glashow (chair), Prof. Luis Alvarez-Gaumé and Prof. Alvaro DeRujula.

The Prize was awarded to:Zohar Komargodski

The citation reads:

“Zohar Komargodski has made important contributions to the understanding of supersymmetric quantum field theories. He studied their non-perturbative properties, their phase structures and several general featuresof supersymmetry breaking. Some of the results obtained have applications in the description of beyond the Standard Model theories based on supersymmetry. He has also explored the interplay between scale and conformal invariance in diverse dimensions with applications to the description of critical systems in condensed matter physics.”

The award ceremony took place in Paris in December 2014 during a Conference for the 40th anniversary of the ENS Laboratory of Theoretical Physics.

Talk given by the laureate.